Yellow / Gold Blinds

Yellow is one of the most fun colors to pick for your house because there are so many colors that look good with it! For example, if you have a brown house then choosing yellow for your curtains would make your house really stand out! If you have a blue house then choosing yellow for your bedroom would make your bedroom feel very cheerful! Which is why yellow has been deemed the color of creativity. Different shades can be used for certain purposes, such as making rooms pop when entering them, with a bold gold or yellow shade being most effective against plain colors; yet gentle yellows or golds are perfect companions for pastels. Solid colors work well in flowery pattern designs and accents - like incorporating one into an otherwise traditional or modern style. You'll find yellows and golds in Venetian Blinds, Wooden Blinds, Roller Blinds among other window treatments - explore our full range below!

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