Measuring Guide for Blinds

To measure for blinds, you'll need two tools: a tape measure and a level. Make sure the tape measure is long enough to reach from one side of the window to the other; if it's not, then get one that is! And make sure the level is sturdy enough to hold its position when placed on a flat surface like your floor or wall. If it doesn't stay put easily, then find another one.

You'll also need two kinds of fittings: brackets (which attach to the wall) and chains or cords (which attach to the blinds themselves). If you don't know what kind you need yet, don't worry—we'll help you figure it out when we ask for details below!

For now, all you need is some basic information about your windows. Just let us know how wide they are and how long you want them to be pulled down when they're closed (that's called their drop length).

Please note that this will only work if your windows have standard measurements—if they're oddly sized or shaped then we can't guarantee these instructions will be accurate for your home!


Recess Fitting 

This is the measurement you need to make if the blind needs to fit inside the window recess. Measure and mark the distance allowing for obstructions like handles that protrude into the recessed area. We will make any necessary deductions to ensure the blind fits neatly within the recess of the window.

Use a metal tape measure, cloth ones can stretch and give you inaccurate measurements.
Measure in 3 places for both the width and the drop, use the smallest measurements.
Don't make any deductions, we will do that for you to ensure your blind fits perfectly.
Use a metal tape measure, cloth ones can stretch and give you inaccurate measurements.

Note: Check that your recess is deep enough to fit the blind into. It may need adjustments if there are any obstructions such as handles. See table below for measurements needed for each type of blind we offer.

Note: If you have tiles halfway up your recess (often the case in kitchens and bathrooms), then the space between them is most likely to be the narrow point of the recess. To find out if your blind will fit, measure how wide it would need to be, either top-fixing or face-fixing screws depending on where each tile starts.

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Exact Fitting

This is the measurement you need to take if you want your blind to fit outside the window recess, overlapping on all sides.Measure the size of the recess, then add a little extra on all sides to ensure adequate coverage.Measure the exact size of the area you would like the blind to overlap.Use a metal tape measure, cloth ones can stretch and give you inaccurate measurements.

Measure the precise height and width of the area you want the blind to cover. To ensure minimal light leakage, we recommend that the blind overlaps your window's recess by about 100 mm at the top and 50 mm each side. It's up to personal preference how much overlap there is at the bottom, but remember potential obstructions like radiators when doing so. Use a metal measuring tape rather than a fabric one because they will never stretch out of shape or provide faulty measurements.

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